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Thorough Mold Remediation


     Mold is often found in finished basements where drywall wall panels have been used. If the basement has been flooded and was not thoroughly dried within 48 hours, then there is a good possibility that mold growth has begun. Sometimes the mold is not visible, and can only be detected via sampling and inspection procedures. Mold may be present beneath carpet, linoleum flooring or behind baseboard found on the wood ceiling components and on porous debris present on the floor of the crawlspace. Mold in attics are occasionally found on the wood decking especially near improperly installed bathroom vents and on the north side of the attic.



Mold Removal


     BDS performs removal of all mold-impacted materials by first isolating the work area, creating negative air pressure within the work area, removing or aggressively cleaning the mold-impacted materials and then perform detailed final cleaning of all affected surfaces while "scrubbing" the air with HEPA filters. Currently there is no mold license require in the State of Michigan. BDS encourages the State to establish a mold licensing program because it will help achieve some level of aptitude for companies removing mold. However, in the absence of a mold license, BDS trains their technicians in accordance to member of the Indoor Air Quality Association. BDS guarantees their workmanship and fully explains all costs and work scope items to the customer prior to starting any project.

"Thank you for a job very well done! I appreciate you working with my scedule. I hope for the opportunity to refer BDS in the future!" -Angel

"Just wanted to say I thought you did a great job of taking care of a stressful situation for me!" -Summer

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