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Many older buildings, typically prior to 1980, have some type of building material that contains asbestos. Most asbestos-containing materials are safe as long as they are not disturbed and remain in good condition. However, renovationor demoliton activities in older buildings will cause an asbestos-containing material to become damaged and release airborne asbestos fibers which could be toxic to building occupatns and workers. To prevent asbestos exposure, there are environmental regulations that require the building, or a portion of the building, to be inspected for asbestos in order to identify all asbestos containing materials. These asbestos materials can then either be removed or managed in place. Mold growth in houses is primarily caused by flooding or improper ventilation. The most common areas to find mold in a michigan house is in a finished masement, crawlspace or attic space. There are numerous varieties of molds. People can become sick or allergic to some or all types of molds. If you know or suspect that there is a mold problem within your house, then surface and/or air sampling can be preformed and a prescription or wor kplan can be developed to eliminate the mold hazard. BDS does no perform mold sampling, but does perform mold removal. Be wary of compnies that perform sampling and develop  recommendations and also perform the removal.

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Before taking on any renovation or demolition project, consult with us about building decommissioning. We handle and dispose all unwanted materials with utmost care.

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BDS is a multifaceted environmental services firm. With our highly qualified staff we provide safe and clean abatement services. BDS takes pride in removing all hazordous material in accordance with all applicable OSHA and EPA requirements.

Contact us in Warren, Michigan to request a service if you need us to perform meticulous evironmental response actions.